Ready. Set. Go

“Make that place your home.”

I was told that earlier today when I visited with a new co-worker of mine. It was in regards one of the new gym I’ll be training my clients out of. I’d be lying if I didn’t get a bit of a rush when I was told that. Metaphorically speaking, I loved being given the ball to run with. I love chasing goals and seeing them though.

I just finished my completing my “Goal Board” for 2019 and was incredibly happy with what I put down. I started this last year as a means to motivate myself and get shit done. It certainly added a furor to my endeavors and gave me a small sensation of accomplishment every time I wiped one goal away with the eraser.

Being able to use this small gym as the closest thing to having my own personal training studio is an amazing feeling. I know I can do a lot, but I know what it’s going to truly take to make this all work.

I’m not excited. I’m not scared.

I’m ready.


Make It That Way

The cracking open of a beer can be one of the best sounds you can hear all day. My day wasn’t bad by any stretch, but rather a busy day where I got stuff done.

This morning, I ventured to the one of the new gyms I’ll be training out of and put myself through a great workout session there. It was Leg Day III and I certainly adapted to the equipment they have there. It’s certainly the smallest gym I’ve trained at in some time, but it had the room & equipment I needed to get through this workout. My right hip flexor has been feeling a bit tight the past few days so I took it easy on the weight and my movements. An hour a half of work later, I was finished with my training.

It was just me in there for a little over 45 minutes until another person came in and started training. Having an empty gym to myself was a different and welcome feeling. Not having to worry about people taking my spot or getting in my way.

And I had way too much fun on the trampoline. Well…using the trampoline.


On the way home today from my last client session of the day, I kept thinking about the concept of gullibility. We are living in a unique place in history where we have information at the palm of our hands. However, it seems to me that most people in society seem to ignore the notion of “research” & “intuition” and still go for the lowest hanging fruit of information available to them.

It’s both bothersome & disturbing to me. I’m made myself into a person who can recognize the difference between the lowest hanging fruit of information between the actually solid facts. The key words there though are “made myself”. I truly believe now that some people prefer to drink out of the cauldron of lies and “hope” they are right.

I don’t hope to stay healthy, physically fit, or mentally solid.

I make it that way.

Moving (More) Towards the End Game

One of the best feelings to have is knowing when your professional (and by proxy, personal) lives could potentially making their way towards the upside.

I had my meeting yesterday and it went extremely well. Paper work was signed and my free agency has ended. But in this business, I still have the freedom to go out and train make my business MY OWN.

Many of the large big box gyms love to micro manage and control the freedom of their personal trainers, thus, causing them to lose out on bigger paydays and what not. I get it-it’s a business and when it comes to franchises, they will do what it takes thrive and survive.

But they are plenty of us (personal trainers) who do yearn for the independence to go out and train at various gyms instead of just one. Sure, we could do it on the down low, but to do so without fearing any sort of legal ramifications and gym banishments is a good feeling.

The best part of this move is the win/win/win scenario. It’s cheaper for my existing and future clients, I make more money, and they won’t have to move gyms.

I have blue prints for what I want to do with Cerebral Fit in the long run towards my respective End Game. Going in this professional direction will able me to save the money and in doing so, making me a better personal trainer, blogger, and podcaster.

And human being as well.

I hope?

; )

Sippin’ On Some Green Tea & Juice

Peaking into my morning cup of green tea to see it is empty would be disappointing if it wasn’t me that sipped all of it. But it was me that drank all of it and it was tremendous.

Green tea has always been good for me in regards to getting that small dose of energy in the morning and being a great fat burner for me as well. In reality, I’ve been drinking green tea longer than I have coffee so the taste (very overpowering to the layperson) has no bearing on my buds. Give it a shot if you are looking to switch it up for coffee.

Meeting with the Coach

Here in a little over an hour, I have my first meeting with a nutritional coach here in Lubbock. Turns out, the Natural Grocers grocery store chain has nutritional coaches on staff and their services are FREE. Yes-free. I’m gonna gain some more knowledge from a professional in regards to developing a simple, yet effective diet that gives me all the macros and micros I need from my food.

Unlike a majority of personal trainers out there, I actually don’t have my nutritional certification and can’t create meal plans since it’s a tad illegal to do so. I can offer advice, but to create meal plans for people is something I can’t do. Be weary of those out there who claim they can & will. Just an excuse to charge you more money.

Catch up

It’s been reset week across the board. Last week, I didn’t see too much of an influx in the gym with people, however, this week has been a completely different story. Vacations are over with, school is back, and the time is now to hit the gym.

I’ve spent the past hour making new plans for clients & making sure they get going this first week of 2019. Funny thing is that it doesn’t feel like work at all. I love that feeling.

Sprinkles of Evolving Change…

When you hear music blaring out of my home, that’s a good sign I’m in a very good mood.

Never fails.

Today has been tremendous. My client had a great workout and shared with me a story from his weekend. He was moving around furniture around his home and said how “easy” it was for him to do so.

“A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that. At all”, he told me.

He shared his thanks with me and I will admit it was awesome to hear that from him. That’s real life results for you. My idea is not to turn you into Arnold, Sly, or The Rock. It’s to make you a better person than you were yesterday. To level you up.

In the long run, you will be so much better off when you are taking care of yourself properly with a healthy gym schedule, a balanced diet, and giving yourself the best rest possible. It all correlates together, y’all.

What I do works. There is no magic or sorcery behind what I do for my clients. It’s hard work, time, and the fucking will to simply level up. Period.


Without question, if you ever see an opportunity that will benefit your bank account & put more food on your table, give it a second look. With the future of the Falls in question, I have to take care of my future and that of my clients as well.

I had a very good conversation a bit ago that could be a massive game changer for me. Waiting for an opportunity is one thing, but this is one I cannot turn my back to. There is always a “perfect” scenario and this would be one piece to nearing that scenario.


With the increased micros in my diet, I know it will be nearly a month before I will be able to see any significant changes. However, these past few days I’ve noticed my mindset & energy levels seemingly feeling altered.

Alternated in a manner which is positive, almost euphoric. Whether this continues remains to be seen (like most things), but I’m curious to see where this all goes…

The Boring Waters of Dating

It’s been nearly an hour since I’ve been awake. I can see the sunrise trying to peak through my curtains and give my bedroom a natural wakeup call. I hear the birds chirping for once this week & here I am typing away.

Good morning.

These past few Saturdays have been easy ones for me to sleep in on, but not this one. It’s back to work season and I’m perfectly ok with it. One client in the morning and one consolation shortly afterwards. I’ll take it. I’ll take being productive over being busy/bored all day, every day.

The dogs are slowly waking up too. Aside from the midnight wake up call of having to stretch or go outside and use the “necessary”, they really aren’t a pain in the ass to have in my bed.

Being Invisible

I went out last night to one of the local art trails Lubbock puts on every first Friday of the month. It’s always been a good exercise for me to go out and mingle with people. I saw a lot of people I know, but only crossed paths with a few of them & actually talked or hung out with them.

I don’t know whether to call that rude or a bit of a bad habit. A small part of me wants to say “hello”, but I honesty just prefer to keep going. If anything, it’s the introvert in me who finds being in large public spaces and greeting everyone I know exhausting.

Truthfully, it’s always better when they approach me and say hello. I’m on autopilot most of the time anyway.

So it’s not that I didn’t see you-I did. I just didn’t want to say hello to you.

It’s not personal. It’s just me.

Fighting the Need

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the company of others-I do. I’m just not as co-dependent on people like most people are. I’m used to being alone. My time in Seattle REALLY gave me the time to practice that skill and be good with it.

Being single in this day & age is certainly easier to maintain, but difficult to navigate. Pay attention to the maintain part.

The dating pool hasn’t really shrunken for me at all, but rather just expanded and become a bit more categorical for me. I meet plenty of women everyday that I wouldn’t mind dating. All the time.

However…(you knew that part was coming), my overall character is bit much which makes it daunting to try to even date me.

No, really.

I’m not “Jesus Christ” like enough, I’m not country enough, I’m not rich enough, etc. I don’t check off a lot of boxes here in West Texas.

I do check off plenty of other boxes, but it’s the secondary ones (or the ones they don’t want to tell their parents about).


My hubris is fueling this post, but also holding me back from truly going full blown “James” on this one.

In short-I find dating to be overrated, expensive, and boring. I’m enamored more by what I’m building with my personal training, my podcast, and my blog. Because in reality, it’s more organic and real than dating is to me at the moment.

Dating requires me to be toned down and quite frankly, I grew tired of that role years ago.


The bounce back is a nice feeling.

Yesterday, my gym session absolutely sucked. It was horrendous. If you listened to the latest episode of the Cerebral Fit Podcast, you know how annoyed I was yesterday.

Today was different though. Very different.

I tinkered with a few variables such as making sure my pre-workout, vitamins, and gear was ready to go for the morning. That saved me time & got me some extra sleep in the process. Two points for James!

My client had a tremendous workout this morning which in turn put me in an even better mood. Once his session was done, mine began.

Talk about feeling much better and just having that gym high. Once you feel it, taste it, and see it around you, you will want more.

It’s the small things sometimes. Tinker with the formula & you’ll be amazed at what may come

Looking forward

I have my moments when I still look back at regrets. The regrets in friendships, relationships (platonic & romantic), life style choices, and other things we all deal with.

It’s apart of the spectrum that is a never-ending battle. There is no escaping it really. Just understanding it, respecting it, and knowing when to look away from it. It’s bastard more often than not.

I hate when type in that name on the Facebook search bar and just want to see their picture. Just a glimpse of seeing what was, but not now.

It’s a sickness…one we all share whether we realize it or not.

I’m better at managing it these days. It’s a chink in my mental armor that may never be repaired. Then again…do I want it repaired?