Does Audio-Visual Entrainment Work For Dementia

Does Audio-Visual Entrainment Work For Dementia

Take a deep breath, and another person in this world has already encountered Dementia, a progressive condition where intellectual ability deteriorates, causing disturbed memory, emotions, vision, planning, behavior, etc. If left untreated, dementia can prolong infections like pneumonia, leading to death within a decade.

Since there is no cure for dementia, be it Alzheimer’s or Lewy body dementia, most patients find taking pharmacological treatments intimidating, as you have to take them forever. So, to restore such issues, physicians are shifting to digital dementia treatment as a co-therapy, and

Audio-visual entrainment is one of them.

AVE therapy will correct all dementia-causing brainwaves and reduce symptoms to the utmost level. Let’s discover how it does that.

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