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Nasal Laser CF40

Nasal Laser CF40

Cerebral Fit

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As clinicians the most important aspect of any device we include in the CerebralFit line up is efficacy.  All the devices you will find on our site have proven them selves in our clinics with our patients.

CF40 Nasal and Ear Laser sets its self apart from the competition by allowing you to use both the dual nasal laser and ear lasers at the same time.  Additionally you have 2 mode settings allowing continuous light for maximum irradiance or 40 hz, Gamma, pulsed light for the entrainment benefits of Gamma photobiomodulation as indicated in the MIT Alzheimer's study.

We have both the nasal lasers and ear lasers available in 660nm Red only, 810nm Infrared only or complete kit with a Red set nasal/ear lasers and Infrared set of  nasal/ear lasers.

A nasal laser is a convenient, low cost option for systemic photobiomodulation as the nasal passage way has extensive capillaries allowing light easy access to the blood and free circulating mitochondria.

Additionally the nasal laser's light will pass into the eye making it an effective light therapy support for eye health and eye related degenerative conditions.  The light has been show to penetrate as deep as the underside of the brain making it a great support for brain health and brain related degenerative conditions.

The ear lasers are supportive for ear health and add to the whole body systemic effects of photobiomodulation.  Many of our customers use them to address their tinnitus, hearing loss, balance concerns and more.

Our audio-visual entrainment device has been one of the best-kept secrets in neuromodulation for the past 30 years, combining 3 forms of neuromodulation at a lower, more optimal price-point. This device provides reliable, consistently positive outcomes to benefit a variety of brain dysregulation.

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