Can Audio-Visual Entrainment Cure Long Covid?

Can Audio-Visual Entrainment Cure Long Covid?

Have you ever heard of “Long COVID”? It’s a term that refers to a condition where people experience a range of symptoms that persist for weeks or even months after they have had COVID-19 infection. It’s like a lingering effect that sticks around long after the virus has left their body. Some people also call it “post-COVID syndrome.” 

Here’s the interesting part: these symptoms can be different for everyone. Some people may continue to experience the same symptoms they had when they were initially infected with COVID-19, while others may develop new ones. And get this, even if they test negative for the virus, indicating that they have technically recovered, these symptoms can still persist.

Let’s delve a little deeper into long COVID and explore how audio visual entrainment can help with this condition.

What is Long COVID? 

Long COVID1 is a condition that occurs after someone has a severe case of COVID-19. It leads to various symptoms that can be quite severe. It is estimated that around 65 million people worldwide are affected by long COVID, although the actual number could be higher due to underreporting. 

Long COVID can affect 10-30% of individuals who did not require hospitalization, 50-70% of those who were hospitalized, and even 10-12% of people who have been vaccinated. It can occur in people of all ages, regardless of whether they had a mild or severe case of COVID-19. 

Interestingly, most cases of long COVID are found in individuals between the ages of 36 and 50, and many of them did not need hospitalization when they initially had COVID-19. This highlights the importance of understanding and addressing the long-term effects of the disease, as it can impact a significant portion of the population.

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