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32 Red LEDs Mouthguard

32 Red LEDs Mouthguard

Cerebral Fit

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32 660nm LEDs, 15 min timer, on/off button, power regulating circuit to prevent over heating from user's power supply over powering device.

Oral light therapy, in the form of low level lasers and LEDs, has been used in dentistry for decades now. As one of the most well studied branches of oral health, a quick search online (as of 2016) finds thousands of studies from countries all over the world[1] with hundreds more every year. The quality of the studies in this field vary, from pre- liminary trials to double blind placebo-controlled studies. Despite this breadth of scientific research and the wide- spread clinical use, at-home light therapy for oral issues is not yet pervasive, for a variety of reasons. Should people start doing oral light therapy at home - Yes.  

Download manual for more detailed discussion of device uses, research citations, treatment recommendations.

Our audio-visual entrainment device has been one of the best-kept secrets in neuromodulation for the past 30 years, combining 3 forms of neuromodulation at a lower, more optimal price-point. This device provides reliable, consistently positive outcomes to benefit a variety of brain dysregulation.

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